For our partners


Our school is for 400 pupils. In our school creative group of teachers, the most of the teachers are of the highest qualification.

Our school has everything necessary for education: — traditional curriculum, — integral approach to teaching, — English is course at the 2-d form, — Information science is at the 3-d form — Socio-economic and educational standards are for the 10 th – 11 th forms — The training has cultural-creative direction — We have a program of educational excursions (the museum of Ethnography, the Russian museum, the Hermitage) — The training of guides on the base of school museum, — Decades of different subjects and scientists, — The co-operation with the Hermitage.

School and the Hermitage

The pupils and the teachers of our school attend lectures, seminars, organize meetings with workers and scientists of the museum- restorers, art critics, work on the co-operative projects.

The center of extra education

There are study groups: art, theatrical, tourist, patriotic, musical and sporty section.

The dancing department

Our school uses experience of Academy Russian Ballet of Vaganova. Program of education includes: dancing, historical dancing, modern, duet dancing, acting and gymnastic. The teachers are professional and experienced.

Our pupils take up in the performances and concerts

The dancing department invites on the occupations of children from 6 to 16 years old. Girls study in our school from Sweden, America, Switzerland, China.

You are welcome!